The Hear for Kids team provides a range of essential services to Deaf and hard of hearing children from birth through the school years. The therapists and teachers understand that children's communication needs vary and children learn in different ways. They will work with you and coordinate with other professionals to tailor a program that meets the individual needs of your child. 


Speech Language Pathologist 

  • Developing listening skills
  • Learning to read and write
  • Attending to the communication of other people
  • Understanding the meaning of spoken language 
  • Using words and sentences to express and participate in the community 
  • Improving the clarity of the speech sounds produced
  • Using augmenttative and alternative communication when appropriate 

Occupational Therapist 

  • Play and social skills 
  • Fine motor skills: development of hand function 
  • Visual perception: the ability to understand and interpret things that they see 
  • Sensory processing: comprehending and responding to information from the environment through touch, sight, sound, taste and movement 
  • Self-care: grooming, hygiene, toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping
  • Access to the environment through the use of aids and specialised equipment including wheelchairs, specialised chairs and car seats 


  • Body posture: spine, hips, knees and feet 
  • Co-ordination: walking, running, clapping, catching, hopping and skipping 
  • Body awareness 
  • Balance 
  • Increased or decreased muscle tone, strenth and endurance 
  • Poor or under-developed core stability 
  • Body or joint mechanics or alighment 
  • Reflexes 
  • Screening for musculoskeletal conditions, tone changes and unusual movement patterns that can delay development of other skills
  • Providing games and activities as well as ideas to build skills in the home environment 

Teachers of the Deaf 

  • Auslan tutoring 
  • Hearing aid management 
  • Creating good listening environments 
  • Developing strategies to support communication including listening, speech, langguage and play 
  • Recommending resources to support language and communication 
  • Talking with a deaf or hard of hearing child 
  • Understanding Deaf culture 

If you would like to know more about the services available through Hear for Kids in your region email or call 07 3848 0080.