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Sign Language Classes

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Deaf Services Queensland has been providing Australian Sign Language (Auslan) courses since 1985 and has a team of qualified teachers.


Quick link: Online Enrolment and Class Schedule/Venues

Deaf Services Queensland offer Community Auslan Introduction, Community Auslan I and Baby Sign classes to the community, with each class aiming to introduce basic Auslan conversational skills to participants.

The community courses held are informal and relaxed, follow the school terms, and run for two hours per week for eight weeks. Deaf Services Queensland have a wonderful team of qualified teachers all of whom are native to Auslan.

We offer two levels of Auslan courses

Community Auslan Introduction

Community Auslan Introduction (formerly Community Auslan One Introduction) is designed for people with no previous language skill or knowledge in Auslan. This course has no pre-requisites. You will learn basic skills to communicate with deaf people in Auslan on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language.

Community Auslan I

Community Auslan I (formerly Auslan Two) is designed to build on the skills and knowledge learnt in the Introduction course. This course has a pre-requisite of completion of Auslan Introduction or prior Auslan experience. You will learn more about grammatical structure and the culture of the deaf community.


Baby Sign

Baby Sign is designed for parents to learn basic Auslan key word signs for babies and children who are hearing or deaf between two months and five years of age. Infants naturally use smiling, cooing, and crying and movement to communicate their needs and feelings so it is rather common for babies to use their hands to communicate long before they can speak.

Attending the eight week Baby Sign classes gives parents the skills to connect in a meaningful way with their baby or toddler.

How much do the courses cost?

Introduction and Level One courses are $185, or $165 for concession card holders. Proof of concession must be provided at time of enrolment. Baby Sign courses are $90 for one parent and baby, or $150 for two parents and baby. All prices are GST inclusive. All participants will receive a workbook the first night of the course.

Who can enrol?

These Auslan educational classes are open to all adults and High School children. Unfortunately, children under the age of 13 cannot enrol or attend either on their own or with other participants.

How do we manage your information?

Personal information collected by Deaf Services Queensland will be used to process payments, identify clients, communicate information, collect statistics and provide services for clients.

If you would like to access any Supports or Services on an anonymous basis or using a pseudonym, please tell us. If this is possible and lawful, we will take all reasonable steps to comply with your request. However, we may not be able to provide the Supports or Services in question if we are not provided with the personal information requested.

If you would like to access our full Privacy Policy or ask any questions about how we manage your personal information, please visit or call us by phone (07) 3892 8500 or TTY (07) 3892 8501.

Please see our Privacy Policy for information on how to contact us regarding your personal information, how to update your records with us and how to make a complaint about the breach of the Australian Privacy Principles.

How do I find out more?

For further information please call us on (07) 3892 8540 or email us at [email protected]. To enrol in an Auslan class, please visit our Auslan enrolment and timetable web page.

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