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Send your NDIS message to COAG

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Send your NDIS message to COAG

Thousands of short messages from people across Australian highlighting why they need the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) should flood the next COAG meeting on July 25.

At this COAG meeting the Prime Minister, Premier Newman and all other premiers and chief ministers will discuss funding the NDIS launches and national roll-out.

So far the Queensland government has not agreed to contribute to funding an NDIS launch site in Queensland.

Premier Newman needs to hear from everyone in the Queensland disability community that the NDIS is a much-needed investment that will deliver real economic and social benefits to people with disability, their families and carers, and to Queensland.

Please start the ball rolling in your networks and organisations.  Just a few short sentences – about 100 words – saying why the NDIS is important to you and your family.

All messages will be compiled and presented to the Premiers and the Prime Minister at the COAG meeting on 25 July.
You can email your message to me any time, or upload it on the Every Australian Counts website from mid-July.

And don’t forget to send a copy of your message to your State and federal MP, and your local media.  The NDIS message needs to go far and wide!

NDIS design consultations - at last! 

The National Disability and Carers Alliance is about to embark on a project to make sure people with a disability, their families and carers and service providers have their say about the design and implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Consultation will take place across Australia, and online. 

Stay tuned for details.

For more information email