The largest provider of support services to the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Queensland, our vision is individuals connected, empowered and achieving.

Ageing Well

The Ageing Well service improves the quality of life, independence and personal well-being of Deaf and hard of hearing seniors through supporting their daily activities, encouraging social participation, community connectedness and ensuring their environmental safety.

Lifestyle Support Service

The Lifestyle Support Services program assists Deaf and hard of hearing people with additional disabilities to live in the general community as independently as possible.

Community Engagement & Development

The Community Engagement and Development team are the first point of contact for Deaf and hard of hearing people across Queensland. They connect with community members and empower them through the provision of information, resources, referrals and advocacy.


Deaf Services Queensland has been providing Australian Sign Language (Auslan) courses since 1985 and has a team of experienced teachers.

Hear for Kids

Hear for Kids is a division of Deaf Services Queensland focusing on services for Deaf and hard of hearing infants and children.

Interpreting (Auslan Connections)

Auslan Connections provides specialist interpreting services across Australia with all profits reinvested in programs supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

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